Opticom Graphite Industry

The history of our company: since 25 years we work hand in hand with progress and we continuously renewing according to the changes and needs of the market.


Gilberto Arboit founded Opticom Graphite Industry in 1991. Our italian company produces a wide range of graphite products for the jewelry field since more than 20 years.
Since the beginning, in the early 90’s, our specialization enables us to grow, gradually achieving a worldwide leadership.
Seizing our long-time gained experiences and developed technologies in graphite’s manufacturing, since 2003 we put into practice a strategy of sectorial diversification: applications for alluminum foundry, graphite molds for diamon sintering and industrial ones.


Following our corporate philosophy, we carefully meet customers’ needs and improve the quality of our products. We are constantly keen on researches and developing new customized solutions to meet changing market’s needs.


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There is a wide range of graphite products for companies divided into brands.

Colata Continua per metalli ferrosi e preziosi
Continuous casting for ferrous and precious metals

Using high-density isostatic graphite and advanced technologies, we obtain high quality performances in crucibles and dies for plate, wire and tube during the continuous casting process.

Vacuum casting for ferrous and precious metals

According to different alloys employed during ferrous and precious metals’ melting, we use various qualities of isostatic graphite. Essentials features of our products are high purify and density, good high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance.

Stampi per la sinterizzazione del diamante
Molds for diamond sintering

Applying advanced technologies and high resistant graphite, we obtain high precision and accuracy for our molds. Essentials graphite features are high strength, anti-abrasion and resistance to thermal shocks.

Componenti in grafite per applicazioni ad alte temperature per l'industria
Graphite components for high temperature applications for industry

Special graphite solutions allow us to achieve highest temperatures, until 2200° for vacuum-sealed and 3000° during deoxidization. These types of graphite have high strength and hardness standars, a good resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and low porosity.

Applicazioni industriali2
Industrial applications

We use graphite with antioxidation protections to extend products’ working life and performances. Essentials skills for our graphite standards are low porosity, resistance to abrasion, oxidation and anti-scour.

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